11 March 2009

The Truth is Disgusting.

[Happy to report that the padres are back without any animal casualties.]

It's a busy world out there, full of busy people. I find myself moving through life so fast these days, trying to make it from Point A (Home) to Point B (El Co), back to Point B (Home), to point C (Work) and back once again to Point B.5 (Home in Bed). The newest point added to the Map du Cassandra is Hermosa Beach Pier, 6am, Beach Bootcamp (Because the only way I feel like I can get in shape is by someone yelling at me in my most vulnerable state, prior to my morning coffee). But we won't get into THAT new saga now, because I want to share my horrifying realization first.

It was last Thursday when I met with my Oceanography professor to arrange a day to take a test early that it all hit me. Trying to make plans with me, even if it's for a test, is like pulling teeth. Working full time while attending school full time is hard enough, add in 6am-7am Bootcamp 3 days/week, when class starts at 8am, a not-so-pretty picture that's NOT to be touched. "What about wednesday afternoon?" He asked me, but Wednesday afternoons I work, Professor. "How about Tuesday after class at 11:10?" But I have class at 11:15, Professor. "How about Monday morning at 8:30?" I have Spanish at that time, Professor. "7am?" Beach Bootcamp. "OKay, let's make this easier, what days/times WILL work for YOU?" I told him 6:30am on Tuesday. And that's when he said IT:

"6:30am is no problem with me, and it seems like you're a MORNING PERSON, so I'm sure it's not a problem for you."

A morning person? Me? Me and the morning would live in separate hemispheres if time and gravity would allow it. There is NO WAY that I could be justly accused of being a morning person. But slowly the truth in his statement became even more clear to me. I, Cassandra Jones, am a morning person.

I wouldn't choose 8am classes if I hated the morning as much as I claim. I wouldn't CHOOSE to spin at 6am, or run on the beach at 6am by CHOICE if I hated the morningtime. I wouldn't buy breakfast foods like turkey sausage and soy coffee creamer and Special K if I wasn't a morning person. I wouldn't drink coffee if I hated the morning.

And then I summed up all the activities I take place in everyday: I drive to school in traffic, I talk on my cell phone while driving, I go to Starbucks everyday for my soy latte, I read the LA Times, I drive home, I drive to work, I WORK RETAIL (something I promised myself I would never do, but find myself loving every minute of it), I go to yoga, I commute home, I run red lights, I pay taxes, I pay bills. I am one of the unwashed masses. I am America. I am a part of the morning traffic report, I am a subscriber to an amazing paper, I am a part of an employed statistic, I am addicted to caffeine, I am lululemon, I am a sinner...And it all begins in the morning.

So the truth, as I just realized, must sometimes be realized in the eyes of a stranger, or in my case a nerdy professor. Being a morning person means you get to watch the sunrise and set. It means you need an extra shot of espresso in the morning (but if you tip well at the Bucks in the Riviera Village they'll give you 2 for free). It means being self-driven by yourself and your alarm clock. It means going against your will when you just want to hit the snooze an extra second. It means being a bit insane, but there's no shame in being a bit nuts. And being a morning person works out great if the only day you ever HAVE to miss class happens to be the day that there's a test in your 4 credit Oceanography class.


(For more information on Beach Bootcamp check out www.ssfitness.com).

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