22 July 2009

My life as a lulu.

"Observe a plant before and after watering and relate these benefits to your body and brain."

This is how I see my life and lululemon. It was summer 2008 when I first became an educator at lululemon. I was fresh home from an awful first year of college, and upset that I was living back home with my parents. I had one goal for the entire year: get enough credits to transfer out of the local community college as quickly as possible. I had no idea what kind of goals for my future lululemon would help me to awaken within my soul.

lululemon, as I have come to discover, goes a lot deeper than the amazing products we sell. It hits a personal note, a life changing one, and helps you to see things about yourself you never have seen before. Goal setting is an area of employment that lululemon takes seriously. Your goals must be measurable and attainable--real goals that you really want to work towards, and also timely. Two months into my employment and I was having trouble with this idea. As I stated before, I only knew I wanted to get away in a year, I really had no idea where I wanted to go, or who I wanted to be when I got there. All I can say now is thank God for lululemon goal setting.

Now, a year later, I am far away at a college I actually want to be at. I now know that I want to be an editor, be it for a publisher or a magazine. I know I want to teach yoga and run my own donation-based studio. I know I want to write books, lots of them. Because of lululemon I have direction, and I am actively seeking the goals that it helped me to discover.

Unfortunately, I now live in a community that does not have a lululemon, which is the only drawback. I miss lululemon a lot, but I see this as an opportunity to explore myself as well. I keep my goal board in a place where I see it everyday, and I update it as I see fit. I keep in touch with my former lulu coworkers, and look most forward to going back to work the holidays with them.

I went home last weekend and stopped by the store for a visit. I was greeted with such enthusiasm, and stayed for a long time catching up with my second family. As I pulled out of the parking lot two hours later, I started to feel sad, thinking about how much I missed working there. Then I remembered my goals, how staying would be cheating myself out of an amazing opportunity. I do not know what the future holds, or if lululemon is in it, but I know that the tools lululemon has provided me with will last me a lifetime. Leaving home once seemed so impossible, and lululemon has helped me to realize, through goal setting, that staying there when I need to move on with my life and achieve my goals is what's really impossible.

lululemon was the water and sunlight to my houseplant self. I was withered and dry and seeking sunlight, and it pulled me out of the desert and watered me. I am forever quenched.

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