21 September 2009

Fact: Even the least talented chefs can cook a decent meal.

I am not a gourmet chef.
I do, however, love food in all mediums. My preference in food is unlimited--I love classy expensive food (like a nice lobster with sauteed spinach) and I love not-so-classy food (like a big bowl of ramen noodles). These days, it suits me better that I love the cheaper spectrum of the caloric food chain--I eat a lot of chicken, a lot of pasta (last weekend I ate an entire box of angel hair pasta in one sitting), a lot of bowls of cereal. Not that I'm complaining. Adapting to this new lifestyle is an interesting concept. I clip coupons. I read the weekly sales and circle in red pen what I want that's on sale. I make shopping lists because if I get the grocery store without a plan, I freak out and grab the biggest box of Cheez Its available for consumption.

I recently got creative with some eggs and cheese and sausage and an English muffin, and I am proud to say that everything that went into creating this delicious meal was on sale.


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