01 September 2009

Goals for September.

I'm trying an experiment.  I want to be better.
I think it's in the spirit of starting school in a new place, where few know me, where I have this chance to bring forth only the best parts of me.  

The only way I can achieve the goals I have set to be the best possible version of myself is if I make them timely and attainable (not to mention specific, measurable, and realistic).  And the only way I can make them all those things is if I first put them out in the Universe.  I'm not yet ready to remodel my goalboard from lululemon.  Here's my Make-Shift, Putting it out in the Inner Tubes of the Universe Goal List for September
I hope to inspire you, I hope you enjoy.

1. I finish reading the following: Julie & Julia by Julie Powell (1/2 way done), Barrel Fever by David Sedaris, and You Shall Know Our Velocity! by Dave Eggers.

2. I read every last word of my homework assignments and do the appropriate writing/responding involved (seeing as all my homework seems to be reading a couple hundred pages each night and responding to it).

3. I have an internship at the Chico News & Review or other literary/newsworthy magazine in or near Chico.

4. I go to yoga at least once a week, I go to the gym 4 times a week.  I hike somewhere green once a week.  

This fall, I am challenging myself to not only complete these goals, but to pay attention to the shifts in my chi.  To take note of the changes of heart, the things I care about doing now, and the things I care about doing in a month.  I want to see what's going to happen on the inside as well as the outside.  I want to face myself, and watch myself as I move far beyond my present perceived boundaries.  Maybe this isn't just a list of shit to challenge myself with.  Maybe it's a quest within the deepest parts of my soul.  Maybe I'm just nuts.  
Let's check these out in October. :)

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