19 October 2009

"I have measured my life out in coffee spoons..."*

Isn't it funny how we find ourselves so caught up in our own routines, our own worlds, our own Adult lives? Isn't it amazing how we burrow ourselves so deep and make the path so treacherous to penetrate when we're just trying to save ourselves? And someone--an old best friend--pays a visit, and you get a tiny little glimpse of life before the rosebushes and brick walls and moats with alligators and complicated love tales.
It's overwhelming to me how just last week I thought I'd settled: wake up around 8:30, head straight for the coffee pot, shower, breakfast, more coffee, dress, hair, makeup, keys, bike, ride, lock, class, home, attempts at homework, snacks, nap, gym, dinner, TV, read, sleep. Repeat. How I burrow myself into the everyday boring disasters of my life, how I build it all together, and one person destroys it with a simple conversation, or even just a laugh, about yesterday.

There are no words to describe the joy of having an important piece of my Past come stay with me this weekend. It's amazing how we settled into who we once were: around a table at a distant Starbucks, and yet between the different beverages (mine the strongest Americano, their's something dairy-infused and sweeter) and the scuffed wood of the overused coffee tables, we told our Stories, 2 years in the making. I think sometimes about how great it is to have these moments, to see the gap between us and to think of the powerful feat that we're still here, still caffeinated, still listening, still sipping, still laughing, and still sharing.

*Reference to T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock


  1. Artist: Florence and the Macine
    Album: Lungs
    Songs: Comic Love, Dog Days are Over

    If you wanna be dancing like crazy i suggest you listen to the David Guetta station on Pandora... it'll take some getting use to for ya but it's worth it--- we'll go clubbing once you get acquainted with the goodness of house music.

    P.S. loved the post, but I almost feel like the bad guy? I'm glad i shook things up; rise up and shine baby girl, don't EVER limit yourself to what you've got or where you are.
    you CAN do things and go places... i think you're just looking past that and focusing on other things right now <3

    "Getting there" is only half the fun. ;p

    when are you coming home ps?

  2. Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, purely sincere.



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