26 October 2009

Salute your Futility.

I have 2 favorite words: Salute and Futility. I don't know why these two words attract me so, but they seem to play common themes in my life.

Salute: n. formal gesture, act, etc. expressing respect
When I think of the word salute, I think of Sun Salutations in yoga, and how we are essentially respecting the sun, and a peaceful feeling strikes me somewhere deep in my soul. This peaceful feeling resonates throughout my head and heart, and I dig deeper. I think of why I practice yoga. I practice to salute myself, to respect my body, my mind, and my soul. I think of a salutation as the highest form of love that you can offer yourself, and everyone deserves to be saluted by themselves. If you cannot respect yourself, how can you expect someone else to?

Futility: n. useless
I think of all the useless jargon that goes on in my own life, and in the world, and it doesn't make me angry. It makes me smile thinking that enough useless futile actions and objects had to add up in the world so that this adjective--futile--transformed into a noun, futility. And yet, you cannot grasp futility, you can hardly spot it. It's an essence, it keeps up the pretense. It keeps us from the Truth.
The word futility reminds me of my favorite book, The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I cannot explain what kind of emotions run wild within me when I read this book, but it is essentially one man's naive quest for adventure amidst danger and lies. It doesn't sound uplifting, and I guess it really isn't, but for someone who has gone deep within my own dark heart, into the plumbing of my soul and found myself hovering on a rock there (a post for later), this book changed my life.

I cannot explain any more than you now know as to why these two words are my favorite, when there are so many other words out there. I just love them, and I have chosen to share them with you. Salute your Futility, and tell me what happens.
:) Namaste.

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