08 November 2009

Snuggify your life.

I have to admit, I fell in love with the Snuggie the moment I saw it on a late night infomercial. The idea, the color, the name--everything instantly made sense to me. I knew I had to have one. The only problem was, I bought it in the height of summer, and brought it with me up here to the 100+ degree weather. I kept it on the highest shelf in my closet for months, anticipating cold weather, wondering if it would ever be cold enough to wear my blue Snuggie.

Now it's freezing up here in Chico, especially in the morning. I wake up in my Snuggie (I go to bed with it on, and snuggle into it AND my bed) and wear it to the kitchen to make breakfast. I get to take my bed with me. It's like still being snuggled warm in bed, but also being productive at the same time.

And seriously, what can't a Snuggie do? They have a color and print for everyone (I bought my friend a leopard print one as a graduation present). They have runway shows featuring Snuggies, every store has a large Snuggie display. They're almost too cheap to knock-off, so the brand sticks. And while it is kind of sort of maybe just a really long robe worn backwards without a rope, it is the best purchase I have arguably ever made. So what are you waiting for? Snuggify your life, see what happens. If anything, I promise you'll find yourself warm and toasty.


  1. Wouldn't it be perfect if you could wear it to work too? You'd never have to take it off.

  2. I HATE your slideshow, ive seen a lot of picture I took, but none of us together. im sad.

  3. Thanks dude, I really appreciate it!

  4. Hehehehe...my problem with the snuggie is that it makes everybody look like a bunch of druids...hahaha

  5. Just ran across your post in doing some "research" for my own post on creating new words. I think "snuggify" is well on its way to Word of the Year in 2010!


    Great blog and interesting reading.

  6. Well, I hope you footnote my name as the creator. :) Thanks!


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