11 January 2010

Back to the mat.

Every Monday afternoon last year I found myself in my favorite power yoga class lead by my favorite yoga instructor. This class would set my week off on a calm foot, and without it I found myself in a frenzied state of mind. This class was like the coffee of my week: the first thing I reached for to get my mind and body focused for the upcoming week.

I went back to this class this evening. It had been a long, long time since I'd even unrolled my yoga mat, let alone practiced alongside my favorite instructor. Sometimes she refers to our yoga mats as a diving board, and by walking to the front of it you prepare yourself to take a dive into the deepest parts of your soul. As we went through the practice today, something amazing happened. It was the same rotations I used to practice, the same Vriksha-asana and the same Surya Namaskara A & B, except for one thing: I was totally and completely out of breath after each pose. The older, stronger version of myself circa 6 months ago would never have had this problem because the older, stronger version of myself used to practice religiously at least once a week.

But today I was legitimately out of breath. Not only that, I was amazed by how difficult the class really was. It was almost as if I had gone away and come back an outsider, with a fresh set of eyes and muscles. I went into the class thinking that I was out of shape, I left knowing that I was out of shape. I was shocked that my muscles that I had spent a year and a half acquiring through yoga managed to deflate in 4 months since I've moved away. Now, don't get me wrong. I truly enjoyed the class and plan on going again next week, it just totally kicked my ass.

So, here's another thing to add to my makeshift list of simple pleasures to invite back into my life: the simple pleasure of not taking my yoga muscles for granted. I guess I had this coming, I guess it was my own body getting back at me for neglecting it and not practicing. But the best part is the comfort knowing that my mat is always available, always calling, and always willing to provide me with that extra spring (if you will) before diving into the farthest reaches of the beaches of my freshly awakened soul.

(PS- There really are true bleaders of my blog out there! Check out where I was footnoted for my use of the word "snuggify" on a Purdue Grammar Gang blog . I feel so special!)

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