09 January 2010


I've been inspired by so many things lately it's been hard for me to narrow it down to just one blog post. With my life de-Facebooked, I was hoping to take the time usually spent on that website to update this blog more often, but believe it or not, I have found many more endeavors (that do NOT involve the internet) this past week. I've been working (lululemon), I went trapezing (a post about fears for later), I went sight-seeing in downtown (my aunt is in town, so we get our touristic thirst quenched once a year when she comes to visit), I've been sleeping (a lot), and most importantly I've been reading.

I haven't had an actual moment to spend reading something I choose in a long, long time (not since I took an "intellectual health day" back in October and finished reading Julie & Julia). But the book I'm currently reading, The Shack by William P. Young, is arguably one of the most inspiring and truly eye-opening books I have ever read (again, a post for later, once I've completed it and let my brain fully digest). Reading for pleasure is being added to this makeshift list I am compiling of simple pleasures I want to pay more attention to and invite back into my life in 2010.

My friend Katie is my original inspiration for this idea. A couple days ago she compiled her own list of simple pleasures that she wants to include in her life, and I realized that I want to make my own as well.

The feeling of opening up a book and not being able to put it down (and staying up till sunrise still clinging to each word) is one that I wish I could always carry with me. Even simpler, I have an amazing balcony with these expensive all-weather rocking chairs that gets direct sunlight for 6 hours during the mid-morning through mid-afternoon. I want to sit out there on those comfy expensive chairs, book or no book in hand, and just truly be. I want to open up my blinds in my room every morning to let in natural light. I want to make my bed and keep my room walkable so I can enjoy the space I have. I want to buy magnets so I can display things on the refrigerator. I want to print pictures up and hold them in my hands and then proceed to put them in a photo album.

I will compile my official list and post it a bit later. For now, fellow bleaders, I shall leave you with an interesting concept to ponder:
"Even should we find another Eden, we would not be fit to enjoy it perfectly nor stay in it forever." -Henry Van Dyke


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