02 January 2010

My first full day de-Facebooked

I woke up this morning anxious. I'm not exactly sure why. I went to the pantry, took out the coffee. The only coffee we have left is this coffee one of my friends brought me from Costa Rica. I'll have to tell him I tried it and it was delicious. As I was scooping the coffee into the filter I realized to tell him thank you that would involve writing on his Facebook wall because I don't have his number. After texting a couple friends that I thought might have it, I learned that none of us have his number. Our only means of communication was via Facebook, and with that cut out of my life, I am missing out on communicating with a good friend (but obviously not that good seeing as I don't have his number).

I began summing up the people I do not have any other contact with save Facebook, and the list is quite long. This whole no Facebook business is a little difficult, but I didn't think it would be easy, that's why I deleted it in the first place. So I shall keep on truckin' through my days without Facebook. (How pathetic do I sound?)

Other (better) things I did today that did NOT involve Facebook:
  1. Went to work (at lululemon)
  2. Went to Whole Foods and purchased some lemon zest hummus and carrot sticks
  3. Consumed lemon zest hummus and carrot sticks
  4. Got coffee with a best friend
  5. Drove through Santa Monica and Malibu with said best friend
  6. Finished this blog post and came to the conclusion that today was just as fulfilling as a day with Facebook, and I am perfectly fine without it.

Good night, fellow Bleaders (blog+readers=bleaders).


  1. CASSIE!!!! I love that bible verse. I am inspired. You are pretty darn amazing. p.s. I added you to my blog list:) Heard Trapeze date was amazing.


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