20 January 2010

Rainy Day Blues?

Come to think of it, I actually wouldn't call it the blues, because I am loving this rain. For those unaware, Los Angeles is being hit with a series of "serious" rainstorms for the past couple of days. While rain isn't as terrifying or intimidating as East Coast blizzards or Middle-American tornados, rain is something LA does not get a lot of. Because we don't get a lot of it, not many know exactly how to act in it, leaving room for about one hundred thousand problems to arise.

Anyway, I wouldn't call the way I feel right now, as the rain gushes down the roof and hits the patio outside my window creating a loud rhythmic sound, I wouldn't call it the blues. I'm sitting on my bed in my pjs (ie: my favorite pair of lululemon cotton pants, and a Chico State sweatshirt) and have no plans to move from this spot today. I have plenty to do, things like clean Christine's, my beta-fish, tank because she's been sitting in murky water for a couple days now. Or finish up my online traffic school (for the LAME ticket receive in October for going 80 in a 70 zone on a rural freeway). I could start packing, seeing as I leave Los Angeles and head back north to Chico on Sunday for the next 4 months. I could, and should, even shower and make life more pleasant for anyone in the house.

Instead I just sit here, reading. I've been reading a book titled This is not Chick Lit lately. It's a compilation of short stories written by women writers. Aside from it being amazing, I am loving, no LOVING, the fact that I can sit around and kill time by reading a book of my choosing. Ever since I completed The Shack last week, I've been in this craze to just read. Classes start for me next week, and being the English major that I am, I am expecting a semester full of books and articles that I may or may not enjoy, but I nonetheless do not choose. So, here on this rainy day, I am choosing to spend it in bed reading a book of my own choosing.

Hope y'all are staying dry and safe!

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