07 February 2010

Hike Righteously.

In an effort to burn off some of the beer and cheese that I've been consuming lately (AND get to know a certain boy that I've been seeing a little bit better) I have spent the last two days hiking. The first hike was near this certain boy's hometown, and the second one was my choice: feather falls. I had such a blast both days, but today I woke up feeling like an old lady--sore and in dire need of soaking in a hot bath to relax my poor muscles.

The first hike, as previously mentioned, was in this certain boy's hometown, a small--and I do mean small--town outside of Sacramento called Newcastle. It's such a treat to go to school so far away from home, because you meet people who are from such diverse places. The town was so small, in fact, that to get there he told me just to Mapquest Newcastle, CA and I would be directed almost directly to his home. This got me thinking about where I'm from. (If I told you to Mapquest Redondo Beach, CA it would tell you to take the Inglewood Avenue exit of the 405. Inglewood Avenue is Redondo Beach, but it is no where near my house in South Redondo, or near the beach for that matter.)

Anyway, the hike was amazing. The next day was my choice where we hiked, and I chose Feather Falls. I had been there twice in the summer, and I have to say that winter was a lot more pleasant to hike in. The weather was cool (50 degrees as opposed to 100+ degrees like it was in the summer), and the foliage was so GREEN.

What I love about hiking is that it's in a world of its own. It's not like running where I just have to concentrate on getting enough oxygen, and not being able to enjoy the scenery. And it's not like walking which gets a little monotonous. Hiking lets you explore your inner strengths, lets you stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the sounds of nature. Hiking is the only time where I get to just be in nature--not one with nature, just be in nature, be swallowed whole by it.

So while every part of my body probably can't agree, I truly had an amazing time hiking this weekend, and hope to go on many more in the months to come (and hopefully with the same guy).

Namaste, friends.


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