24 February 2010


I have been writing this (effing) paper, sitting at that very desk, for one of my classes all morning.  When I say all morning, I mean 9am to 1:30pm and I'm still not entirely sure where this paper is going.  It's supposed to be a letter to my managing editor in which I recommend two poems in a collection that I believe should be published in an anthology we as a class are producing this semester (have I mentioned that I am an editorial assistant for Flume Press up here in Chico?).  Anyway, I personally don't care for any of the poems in the collection that I have to choose from, but I somehow narrowed it down to two.  I guess I'm just not that big of a fan of poetry (being a FICTION writer) so I have some serious issues with reading shit that poets find so important that I feel lacks plot and structure (okay, I just really prefer fiction).
ANYWAY, this paper is driving me absolutely insane right now.  Typically I can spit out an awesome 2-3 page paper in an hour or two, get an A on it, and repeat the cycle.  Yesterday, however, I got a paper back that was very similar to the one I'm writing now, with a big B scribbled on the top.  A B may not seem like a terrible tragedy, but for someone who lives and breathes to write, a B is highly unacceptable in my book.  That is why this paper is taking me so long to produce, because I've lost some of my A-paper-writing steam, and want to do a perfect job to prevent such a horrible thing from happening again.

ACKK. I apologize for this rant, I just need some freedom to write (or type) words I actually want to write.

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