14 February 2010

Spring, Valentine's, and the Olympics.

I want to start by saying: "IT NEEDS TO BE SPRING ALREADY." Oh, and a Happy Valentine's Day to all the ridiculous people out there.
So, I've been figuring out lately that I'm getting older because html codes are a lot more complicated than they used to be.  I finally figured out how to give this page a new look without stealing one of the (really) complicated templates from another site.  So now my blog is pretty damn close to everything I could hope for in a blog.  I hope y'all enjoy the look. :)
I was bummed to miss the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night, but I managed to watch (and currently am watching) the speedskating (I am in LOVE with JR Celski).  I just love seeing everyone from around the world not only gathering peacefully, but gathering as equals.  The Olympics, I think, is the reminder that comes every 2 years (alternating between Winter and Summer games) that shows us that a peaceful world can exist, that we are all the same, and that we will all eventually be judged equally in the end
I've also been overly emotional lately (a post for later), so watching the Olympics requires a lot of tissues.  


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  1. missed the opening ceremony too. Your blog is coming along fine. I like it!


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