12 February 2010

The Heart-Shaped Alternative.

Yesterday I made a vow that I would cut pretzels and other crackers out of my diet, seeing as I consume them in such a ridiculously high volume.  But tonight I was feeling lonely (the boy was busy) and tired and in dire need of something--anything--as some sort of comfort.  I needed an umbrella because mine seems to be M.I.A., which I discovered on my way out the door  today in the middle of a downpour.

So at Walgreens tonight I might have accidently wandered down the illuminated red and pink lined aisles on my way to the register and spent 10 minutes choosing between pink and red M&M's or heart-shaped Reese's. Then I might have had such a difficult time deciding between the two that I might have purchased both.  Then, I might have come home, realized that there were a few episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County to catch up on, plus a marathon of The Nanny that lasts till 6am.  So, I've been sitting here on the sofa, with my two bags of chocolate and guilty TV pleasures, and I am finding it really easy to not eat pretzels or crackers.

Except, of course, now I realize it probably would be a better idea to be eating an entire bag of pretzels, instead of consuming two whole bags of Reese's and M&M's.  (But I have to say that there are few things that make me happier than heart-shaped Reese's--and unlimited episodes of The Nanny.)

Ahh, so I thought I would report that maybe cutting pretzels and crackers out of my diet wasn't such a good idea, because with an overactive appetite like mine, I can and will find an alternative.

Back to my Nanny episodes...(remind me to tell y'all about my dire obsession with that amazing TV show in a later post).
Namaste, Bleaders!

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