10 February 2010

RIP: Pretzels

A couple weeks ago my friend Katie decided she was going to cut all unnecessary sugars out of her diet. I work with her at lululemon when I'm back in LA, and surprisingly enough, our back room is full of all kinds of temptation-filled treats (especially around the holidays). Things like muffins, homebaked cookies, chocolate covered espresso beans, and (my personal favorite) Popchips. While it doesn't seem right that an athletic apparel company would supply its team with all kinds of sugary treats, you have to understand that most of the team is able to exert a painful amount of self-control (I am NOT one of them, obviously) and not eat the sugary, gooey, delicious treats.

So anyway, my friend Katie and I were talking about her plans to cut sugar out of her diet, except for things like fruit and other natural sugars. Processed sugar was the bad word, and she managed to cut it out of her diet for a few weeks. When she introduced it back into her diet, slowly, she realized the true meaning of the word "treat" and how it's only a treat if it's used sparingly.

So what does this have to do with a fattie like me, you may be wondering? My story is a little different. Being away from the backroom full of cookies, I am not exposed to a lot of sweets (mainly because I don't let myself buy them), but I am around a lot of other unnecessary carbs. This ranges to anything from bread to my personal weakness crackers, to more specifically pretzels. It's not the Nutrition Facts of pretzels that make them so bad for me, though, it's the quantity in which I shovel them in my mouth. I can sit on any hunover or, sadly, non-hungover morning and finish off half a bag of pretzels (and most mornings I've already consumed half the bag the night before in some sort of drunken tirade so I am left with the other half of the bag PLUS the salty crystals that hang out near the bottom).

So, in honor of Katie's quest to cut processed sugars out of her diet, I am going to make a pledge here on live Blog to cut pretzels and other crackers out of my diet. This will not be an easy task, you must understand that, but I feel that maybe my life without pretzels will be just as rewarding as my life without Facebook.

I'll keep y'all in the loop of this anti-carb quest.

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