20 February 2010

Skinny Jason?

Have y'all seen the new Jenny Craig commercials with Jason Alexander?  I have to say that, while I do support anyone in their quest to get healthy and slim, I don't think I'm ready to see Jason slim.  I really cannot even picture it (although while I was looking up this photo on google images a slim photo of him came up...it just doesn't look right.  Who will Jason Alexander be and appeal to slimmed down? Ah, not sure.

Right  now I'm satisfying my need to be creeped out, watching my Ghost Adventures addiction.  Don't let the gay sounding title turn you off.  It's the only ghost hunting show I can bear to watch because the guys who are on it are so legit.  They are skeptical that ghosts even exist, and they don't really use that high-tech of equipment.  It's just 3 guys, holding their own cameras, and they use night vision (NOT black and white) so they literally are in the pitch black darkness.  I really shouldn't watch this show at night, when my roommate is out, and it's raining because I'm kind of terrified of the dark and everything that it covers. Alright, back to my box of wine, dark living room, and scary show.
Happy Friday, y'all.  :]

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