20 February 2010

Sweet Dumpster Dive.

Dear Trash Collector's of my neighborhood,
I will start by saying that I appreciate you stepping up to the plate at some point in your life and offering to do a job that I myself would never want to do.  On the spectrum of jobs, trash collector is probably one of the least glamorous, weighing in at about a 9.899 on a scale of cleanliness with 1 being Oprah's job and 10 being any of the boys of Jackass.  I thank you, really, for the concept of your job.

Your recent...activities, however, are rather upsetting.  It's not that I don't love being woken up at 7am, it's that I don't like being woken up by the sound of glass bottles being dropped one by one into the bottom of a dumpster.  I must say I was a bit surprised when I looked out the window on a day that wasn't even trash day, expecting to see some still-drunk college kid in sweats, but instead I saw one of the two of you in your bright green vests, clamoring the empty bottles into the dumpster.

I also must comment on the way in which the trash finds a way into your trash truck.  I understand that some people throw dirt and other things in there, and that it may get stuck to the sides, but beating the metal dumpster with a metal pole is probably not the proper way to go about cleaning it.  I'm also not sure how many trips it usually takes to get all the trash out of the dumpster, but 7 seems a bit excessive, don't you think?  You may not realize this, but the roar of your trash truck is loud and seems pretty powerful seeing as it causes my windows to rattle, so maybe if you checked the dumpster after the first or second dump you might see how empty it really is.  

Lastly, I understand that it's difficult working with people, but the next time you want to argue with your co-worker, please save it for some other venue besides my parking lot.  You've probably never been anywhere besides the trash area of my building, but it's quite small and I can hear everything.  Your argument, while extremely entertaining, was another thing on the list I did not expect at 7:20am.

So, in conclusion, please refrain from dropping glass bottles slowly into the dumpster, beating the dumpster with a metal pole to remove God-knows-what, dumping the trash 6-7 times while roaring the engine, or getting into a verbal argument in my parking lot (or in the alley behind my building).  
Cassandra Lotus.

[There is something seriously wrong with the trash collectors in my neighborhood].

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  1. Dumpster Ettiquette...I've never been one for proper ettiquette. I much prefer to do things may way.


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