22 February 2010

Truth: I hate exercise.

Okay, hate is a strong word.  And it's not entirely exercise I hate.  I LOVE getting outdoors, I love to feel my heart pounding and breathe a little harder.  I love the feeling I get after a nice hard workout.  The only problem is that I am a lazy sack of shit, and sticking to a routine is extremely difficult for me.  I will work out hard 1 or 2 days then take a "break" that can last anywhere from a week to a month.  Now, I ride my bike everywhere up here, and if it's raining I walk, but when it comes to a strict exercise routine (one in which I am in dire need of to fight this beer and cheese weight) I kind of drop off the deep end.

Recently, however, I have become addicted to this aerobic dance class called Zumba.  It's a cardio dance class set to latin music (see also: Shakira).  I went last week for the first time and left dripping from head to toe in sweat--with a smile on my face.  It was the greatest experience ever, to leave a workout fully satisfied AND happy.  I am such an uncoordinated ass hole I spend most of the class in the back trying to keep a rhythm, but I have found that I have become addicted to the rhythm of that class.  I went twice last week and tonight and plan on waking up and going tomorrow at 10am.  For someone like me to be excited to wake up early(ish) to go exercise is something remarkable in and of itself.

So, this posting is for all you lazy pieces of shit like me out there who are looking for something fun and beneficial to try.  May you all find a place to sweat once a day where you belong.


  1. Oh, I love ZUmba, too! They don't have it at my gym though, so I go once a month at my friend's gym. (does going out for treats afterward defeat the purpose?)

  2. Absolutely not! I always come home and eat a huge dinner or lunch when I get back!
    And yay! Someone knows whats up with the Zumba!


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