08 March 2010

25 Distgusting Things you might or might not already know about me but now you know and you won't have to be surprised any longer:

(Here are my 25 Disgusting Things you might or might not already know about me but now you know and you wont have to be surprised any longer: )
1. I am obsessed with canned food. Give me a good can of potatoes or a condensed soup any day. Corned beef hash, yes PLEASE. It's gross, I know. I blame my mother. 
 2. I am still convinced that I am going to have a professional singing career someday, despite the extremely obvious fact that I have no singing abilities whatsoever (I blame it on all the IDOL I watch). I'm not even kidding, I've even designed my own album cover and written my Grammy acceptance speech. 
 3. Along with the Grammy acceptance speech, I've also written an Oscar acceptance, Golden Globe, and Pullitzer Prize acceptance speech. You know, just in case. I've also written a brief manuscript of my convo in the green room with Oprah before we go live to discuss my latest bestseller. 
 4. I would like to take #4 to give a shout out to the RAIN. And I capitalize RAIN because that's how wet it is outside.  
5. Speaking of wetness, I am TERRIFIED, as in scared SHITLESS, of pool drains, and any form of plumbing. Rusty pipes exposed out of walls? I might as well take a bullet to the head. 
6. My goal this semester is to get straight A's.  This was also my goal last semester and it would have been completed if a certain professor would have changed her B+ to an A-...but she just retired and got the hell out of town.
7. I have many different levels of laughter, and very distinct ones at that. People tend to know me for my laughter. 
8. I am hazardly addicted to The Real Housewives of OC, and will drop everything Thursdays at 10 to watch what that bitch Alexis will do next. 
9. Jason Mraz and I are in a serious relationship...he just doesnt know it quite yet. 
10. Majority of my iTunes playlist includes music made prior to 1982. 
11. Despite the fact that I LOATHE camping and bugs, I happen to love hiking and enjoying the scenery. 
12. I currently live over 600 miles away from home and have not yet self-destructed like I was sure I would. 
13. I have the best job in the entire world working summer and winter break at lululemon athletica and am so thankful for it. 
14. My mother raised me right by saying if you don't have a cat carrier, a pillow case works fine when transporting cats to the vet. 
15. When I'm back home, I live in a freaking zoo where the pets outnumber the humans, and each animal has some freakishly awkward quirk (similar to the humans that own them). 
16. Belly dancers freak me out, and I refuse to go to any restaurant where they are. But I happen to LOVE belly dancing classes. I'm kind of a hypocrite then, I guess. 
17. I am very overprotective of the people that I love. It kind of messes a lot of things up for me actually. 
18. One night a couple years ago I was in my dorm room and got a craving to play an instrument. I lived right by Guitar Center, so I drove there and got an amazing deal on a guitar. I taught myself how to play, and I'm not great, but I'm amazed that I actually set my mind to something out of pure impulse and kind of followed through with it...that doesnt happen very often. 
19. I used to hate Cher.  But for some reason in high school my best friend and I took a blood oath that we would see her on our 21st birthdays, which both happen to be in May of this year.  So, I can't believe it, but I have two tickets (for me and my best friend from high school) to see Cher front and center in Vegas on my 21st birthday: May 23rd, 2010.  WOW. 
20. My story is better than your's. Just deal with it. Accept it. I will one-up you no matter what you say. 
21. I used to HATE kids. Like, the sound of their laughter would make me cringe, I would try to scare them. But then I did a lot of soul searching and came to realize it's not kids I hate. It's myself I hate for not being a kid anymore. Kids have it so great: they walk around naked and it's cute, they spit food around and eat with their hands and fit in those little swings and get to go to the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. I digress. 
22. I am currently in the process of writing 2 books, a musical, and a screenplay. And I'm stuck in that place in all 4 works where I can take it one way or the other...and both seem great. 
23. I'm that asshole you see in your rear view mirror tailgating you. I have extreme roadrage. 
24. I might just be saying this because I am currently consuming it, but I fucking LOVE popcorn. ALL kinds, and will shove it into my mouth with both hands when no one is around. Come to think of it, I kind of will do that with ALL carbs, crunchy carbs. Like sunchips, or pretzels (See also: RIP: Pretzels). I've got some serious carbohydrate obesity issues. 
25. In the summer of 2005, Carly Simon saved my life via song.

(Hope y'all feel a little more informed about dear ol' me.)

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