15 March 2010

"I be back from dead."

Redondo has brought me back to life.

Being home proves to be, just as I suspected, amazing.  I've been home 3 days and already feel myself at home (which is interesting--considering I'm at home).  I went to the beach yesterday and today and played some volleyball and collected shells, hung out with a new boy (story for later), walked the dog, played guitar, went to lunch, drank some margaritas, ate my mom's home cookin'.  Oh man, I am in love with home.  For once in a lifetime maybe I'd be foolish not to stay, but of course I must get back to the tests and cold weather and rain and parties back in Chico.  I shall not think about that time, instead I shall watch the sunset from my backyard and play guitar to the sea.

Namaste, y'all.
And Happy Spring!


  1. You're very welcome!

  2. You are amazing Cass! It was great to see you. Love you <3


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