27 March 2010

Clearing Away.

So I know I said that I was done with writing for the weekend, but I wanted to report on my biggest accomplishment in my adult life.  I spent all day yesterday and a few hours today cleaning, throwing shit away, and ORGANIZING my room and entire condo.  I threw away papers that I wrote back in high school (that I was keeping for some reason unbeknownst to me).  I threw away clothes (believe me, they were clothes that weren't worth donating).  I collected a huge pile of clothes I never wear up here to bring back home with me (to sit collecting dust in my drawers back home, rather than sitting in my closet collecting dust up here).  I windexed all the glassy surfaces around the place, vacuumed down to the crumbly dark places beneath the pillows on the couch, dusted all the trinkets.  I even cleaned the dirt off each key on my keyboard.  My place is spotless, both dirt and material-wise.

This is such a huge feat for me because I will always start out on Big Projects such as this one, get sidetracked 2 hours in, when I find some bit of history (usually pictures or old stories I've written), then shove the shit I pulled out of my closet/desk/under my bed back to their original place without accomplishing any form of organization.  But not this time.  I spent 8 hours working on this project, start to finish.  And I finished this project, because of which I have a clean closet, room, bathroom, and house to show for it.

So, to yet again fulfill another cheesy stereotype,  my "spring cleaning" was a success.

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