05 March 2010

Fran Fanatic

I realize I've never mentioned my (major) obsession with Fran Drescher.  It all started in 2003, watching re-runs of The Nanny on Lifetime (back when it was on Lifetime).  I slowly accumulated both her books (Enter Whining and Cancer Schmancer, both in the VIP Book Section of my bookcase).  I somehow got away with writing two research papers on her in high school...I still don't understand how I managed to pull that one off.
ANYWAY.  She has this awesome cancer organization called Cancer Schmancer  that she started to help women and men alike "Take control of" their bodies and raise government funding for certain tests that can save lives (she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, after a long list of misdiagnoses).
I know that "looking up" to a celebrity is not anything unique or special, but not many people get the opportunity/ies that I have been blessed with.  In April 2008 Fran made an appearance at Bloomingdale's at the Beverly Center.  Bloomingdale's was donating 10% of the profits that day in the dress department to Cancer Schmancer.  You better believe I was the first person there, wearing a Cancer Schmancer shirt, waiting for her to show up.
So you always fantasize about meeting your favorite celebrity, and most of the time it's just a fantasy because you know in real life they would never give you the time of day.  Fran Drescher was SO different, which I always knew in the back of my mind.  I came prepared for the worst (and the best), imagining she would just sign my shit and move me along.  BUT SHE ACTUALLY SPOKE TO ME.  And when I spoke to her--something about waiting all my life to meet her and how proud I am to support Cancer Schmancer--she LISTENED.  It was one of the greatest moments of my life.
Then, last May, Cancer Schmancer registered for the Revlon Run/Walk in LA.  I was living in LA at the time, but even if I had been going to school in Chico where I am now I would have flown in for the event.  The announcement for this was that Fran was going to be WALKING WITH THE TEAM.  I ordered my shirt, reserved my spot, raised my money, and waited impatiently for the day of days.  I came prepared for the worst again, because I just couldn't imagine her walking the entire 3.2 miles with the riff-raff of LA (she walks on water, after all).  But, as usual Fran humbled herself and walked the 3.2 miles with us.  This was another one of the greatest moments of my life.
So, what I'm trying to say here is that sometimes you just have to know when and how to pick a celebrity that is humble and kind, like Fran.  I hope y'all sometime get a chance to meet her, so you can understand that not only her voice is real, but so is her giving heart. :)

And now that I don't know how to possibly make this post sound any more cheesy, I shall leave y'all with a Happy Friday.
Namaste, Bleaders.

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  1. you make me smile love!
    im glad to be best friends with someone as amazing as you <3

    get your butt home fast so we can finally hang outttt *pss you do realize we haven't hung out this year right? *last time i saw you was what... october? TSK TSK


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