07 March 2010

Los Oscars.

I am truly livin' the life on this fine Oscar Awards Sunday.  I just finished off a box of oreos, now I'm sipping some vine burgundy wine from my box.  I have some homework to type as I watch the Red Carpet arrivals.  And with a sense of nostalgia I type this in my condo in Northern California, because this is my first Oscar's that I have not spent in LA.  Now, I've never actually been at the Oscar's--you can't even get within a 4 mile radius of the Kodak Theater unless you hold an invite or press pass--but just knowing that America's royalty is 30 minutes away from my home in LA is something I miss.

So, I'm sure y'all have your own predictions, and I wish I had the time to post this last week, or at least an hour before we find out the results, but here are my Oscar Predictions (and I will only make predictions on things that I can properly predict//things that I care about):
  1. First off, I think Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin hosting TOGETHER will be an amazing comical explosion.  I don't think they will ever be able to top my favorite Oscar hosts (Whoopi in '99 and Ellen in '07) but I think they will provide us with some great laughs.
  2. OH--And I LOVE the fact that Kesha's Tik-Tok has become a theme for anything Hollywood-related, and especially the Oscars.
  3. BEST PICTURE: I think Avatar will steal it, although my dad and a few others think the Hurt Locker is much better.  I loved The Blindside, Up in the Air, and Up.  But really, for all the work Avatar took, and for all great it truly was, I think it deserves Best Picture.
  4. BEST ACTOR: I want George Clooney to win, for the obvious reasons.  Morgan Freeman a close second.  In reality, I think Jeremy Renner might take it though.
  5. BEST ACTRESS: Meryl is my girl.  I saw every movie she was in this year.  If you saw Julie & Julia you would hope she wins just because her performance brought Julia Child back to life.  Sandra Bullock was awesome in The Blindside, though I can't seem to get over her performance in All About Steve (the worst move of the year.)
  6. SUPPORTING ACTOR: Eh...not qualified to make this choice.
  7. SUPPORTING ACTRESS: I think Mo'Nique really deserves it. :) I'm pulling for her.
  8. ANIMATED FILM: Up, hands down.
  9. BEST DIRECTOR: James Cameron, 12 years later.  Deserves it for all the time he spent.
  10. FILM EDITING: Avatar
  11. MUSICAL SCORE: Up, that music just makes me so happy, then sad, then happy again.
  12. VISUAL EFFECTS: Avatar
  13. WRITING (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY): An Education, Precious, or Up in the Air.  I think they all deserve it.  

Yep, there you have the only nominees I am qualified to predict.  I look so forward to my chance on the Red Carpet (for my original screenplays).  
Namaste, y'all.

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  1. no way you've seen precious?
    I was so sad, it was such a deep movie!
    And the blindside, omg, not out in France, but ive seen it, i loved it, the actor deserves something too, he was really good!


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