09 March 2010

The Relapse.

Folks, it is with great shame that I admit that I had a Facebook relapse last night.  I was just sitting there watching The Office, feeling extremely lonely, and I was dying for some form of human connection.  I logged in with my old email and password, and it was like I never left.  All my photos were the same, my wall posts and comments were there.  I now understand what that first cigarette feels like to someone who's quit for 20 years, and lights up again in their weakest moment.  I searched all my friends, saw what pictures they'd posted recently (and which ones included me--don't want any bad publicity floating around in the Facebook Community, because that community is now the entire world).

It was when I began to type my first status that the smoker's headache and sudden memory of why they quit came rushing back to me (are you still following my bad simile?).  I typed: "I be back from dead" in the status box and hit SUBMIT.  When I saw it flashing up into the newsfeed, so that 800 of my closest friends could now read what 3 months away from FB has done to my grammar, that's when I snapped back to reality.  I quickly deleted it, and don't plan on EVER doing that again.

So it's not Facebook that's going to bring me back from the dead.  Something else needs to be done.  This cold weather is getting to me up here.  Did I mention I'm going home for 10 days on Friday?  Maybe Redondo, with its 70+ degree weather, its beach 2 minutes away from my house, my best friend back from New York, and my mom's fine home cookin' will bring me back to life.  I can only hope.

Namaste, Bleaders.

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