26 March 2010

Springing Forward.

You guys, I had 5, count that, 1-2-3-4-F-I-V-E, papers due this week.  This is the last and final thing that I will write for the weekend.  I came back Monday from LA, and I have to say this was a difficult goodbye.  Getting on a plane to go back to school, and my home where I live when I'm at school, was an interesting concept.  I had never flown back to Chico (well, Sacramento) while I've been living up here.  This time I felt like a true visitor to my own home.  Sitting at the Southwest Terminal in LAX on Monday night, watching my flight slowly being delayed more and more, I got to thinking (as usual) about my future.

I've been doing a lot of debating back and forth lately about my academic future.  As you know, I met with my academic advisor a couple weeks ago to discuss said future, and she told me it's going to take a year plus one semester to graduate, unless I want to cram everything into 2 semesters.  This really upset me because I have been thinking that I've been ready to just move on with my life already, join the real world, get a real job, see what else the world has to offer besides college life.  I want to move on to my next academic adventure (that being grad school or film school), I want to just be done with it all.

Then, and I think it was Tuesday of this week, I woke up to see the sun blindingly shining through my window.  I went outside, and it was shorts weather.  I rode my bike in a tank top and shorts to class.  I came home, sat out on my balcony, and got bit by a mosquito.  It was an amazing feeling--because I actually FELT spring.  When I left for spring break all the trees were just twigs, ugly without leaves.  When I came back, every branch was covered in bright green baby leaves.  It was so beautiful and it made me happy deep down to my soul.  Even though I had 5 papers due this week, I got to meet with some pretty spectacular alumni of the program I'm in, for a sort question-and-answer seminar.  This really got me inspired, and truly proud to be in the highly coveted editing and publishing program that I'm in.

So I've come to another conclusion: let's just slow down and take it easy.  If 3 more semesters is what it's going to take to be sane and actually enjoy college the way I'm supposed to, so be it.  The real world can wait, it's not going anywhere.  So yes, the debate will continue until May 15th (that's the final day to register for graduation for May 2011), and on or before that day I will have debated the issue to death.

Hope y'all are enjoying your own version of greenery that spring has to offer.

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