12 April 2010

April Fools Ya.

Hello Bleaders! I have not died or dropped off the face of the planet, just took a little soul vacation into a parallel universe for a few weeks.  April is totally messing with my head because I just literally looked on the calendar and somehow it's mid-April? I thought it was still the single digit days of April.

Spring has been so nice, minus the ever-persistent rain that's plaguing my sanity (as usual).  One of my best friends came up to Chico this weekend and I was praying she would have a good time.  It turned out to be arguably one of the best weekends I've ever spent in Chico since I've moved here.  It was the greatest combination of "Remember when we..." and "This is where I go when..." and a lot of "OMG, how beautiful is that tree?".  We went out Friday night and I forgot how fun going out is.  We hopped around town till 2 then came back with the neighbors and played some beerpong till 4.  Then we hiked out our hangovers at Feather Falls.  It was a crowd of the most random friends from up here, but somehow we all meshed well together.  Everything was so beautiful.
When we got back we were so exhausted we just ordered burritos and drank beer and watched some great movies and talked about the past.  It was seriously such a great weekend and it was so nice getting to just catch up.  There was a point when we were just like, "When do we ever get to do this?" and it was sad saying goodbye because our lives are so far apart--both geographically and literally.  She is in a serious long-term relationship and working full-time, while I am (obviously) far from anything serious and my only job is school.  Just getting a weekend, whether it's the first of many or the last long weekend we'll get to have just to the two of us, was such an amazing gift I am so thankful for.  It makes me sad thinking about that last sentence there, that we are all like shells lined up on a shore, and life comes like a wave and scatters all of us different places, that wave of life just comes without warning or control and we just find a place to call our own, seas apart.  (And here I go, nothing's changed with these awfully cheesy metaphors.)  What I'm trying to say is that I miss that girl who I used to spend my life with, and it's bittersweet that we're both in places we belong, but those places are seas apart from each other.

Regardless, Bleaders, I am BACK.
In the words of Madonna, "If it makes you feel good then I say do it."


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