14 April 2010

From a state of mediocrity to a state of Greatness.*

I've been so afraid to simply just feel good for far too long now.  Somewhere and sometime in my life something bruised my understanding of feeling good, and that scar on my brain has kept me from living to my greatest potential for so long.  I've found myself holding onto, clinging really, to ridiculous ideas and facts that I have believed to be true, and am discovering are far from the Truth.  Like this being-afraid-to-feel-Happiness thing, I've simply been afraid to feel good because I'm afraid that it will be taken away if I derive too much out of it.  Instead of living to my greatest potential I've slummed myself down into the gutter of mediocrity, an ugly place to be.

Another fact that I recently proved to be quite untrue was studying for a test.  Sometime a long time ago I told myself that studying really hard for an exam is a big fat waste of time.  I have no idea where I acquired this "fact", but recent tests that I have taken prove this fact to be quite wrong.  The first exam for my Ecology of Central America class was open-book and open-note, so I figured I'd have it all covered, which was quite the opposite of what I was.  I got a very low B on this exam, slumming myself down in mediocrity.  I spent a large portion of last night and this morning studying for the second exam this morning, making sure my notes were spotless and highlighting all the readings I was supposed to have read (hitting on the important parts).  My overall anxiety going into the test, during the test, and after the test were so much under control because I was actually prepared.  I took my time and am pretty sure I got a decent grade (an A would be the ultimate pay-off).

So I guess what I'm getting at here is that these Truths that we hold on to, that we have always believed to be true, sometimes need to be closely examined.  We get so caught up in other things that we don't always realize what we're actually thinking or saying or doing because our minds are programmed to think a certain way.  So, here's to feeling good, and living it up in a state of Greatness, instead of selling yourself short in mediocrity.

Namaste, friends.

*From lululemon athletica's mission statement: "Elevating the world from a state of mediocrity to a state of greatness."

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  1. Cassandra

    Τhe following words of a famous 20th century philosopher, are food 4 thought. They simply outline some of the "truths" that need to be closely examined:

    "What delicious irony! Our desperate, all-consuming search for security leads us to identify with groups of others (those with similar religious beliefs, similar ethnic backgrounds, similar whatever), and yet it is exactly this identification that causes conflict! Wars, to choose the most obvious example, are fought by groups who each have something in common (religion, geography, etc.), and yet individuals fighting on one side could just as easily have ended up on the other had they simply been born in a different place."

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