27 April 2010


This was the fortune on my Yogi  Green Tea last night (I love Yogi Tea because each cup comes with a special message that makes you think).  This really made me take a step back to think about my relationship with not only God, but myself and being selfless.  

Last year I worked for lululemon athletica and I was constantly in a yoga environment.  I practiced yoga 1-2 times per week before getting my job there, and 4-5 times per week once I started there.  It wasn't just because I had some amazing yoga clothes to keep me comfortable on my mat, it was because I was in an environment where everyone had a favorite yoga class--coworkers and guests in my store--and we would always invite each other to practice.  I think I've been on more yoga dates with women than I've been on romantic dates with men.  It's kinda weird thinking about it that way.  

Anyway, what I love about yoga is that it helps me to tap into my Higher Power.  Sometimes I feel like the only way to truly understand God is to practice yoga.  There was this yin yoga class that I took once, and I don't think I've ever been closer to God.  I was laying on my back in Supta Baddha Konasana, or Goddess Pose, for a really long time.  I fell into such a heavy state of meditation that I started feeling like my body was electrically charged.  Then, I saw these blue lightening bolts pulsing through my brain, down my arms and out my elbows.  Then I left my body and looked down on it, kissed it on the forehead between the eyes (or the Third Eye), then climbed back inside.  I am not bullshitting you here, I saw God, then I saw myself.  I've gone looking for that moment everywhere, and it hasn't happened since, but I still try.  I still feel God through my practice.  

I want you to know what the best part of yoga is, though. It has no religion, no ego, no judgement.  It's just simply there, to teach you to reach deep within yourself, and find your inner peace, whatever it may be.  It doesn't have to be God, it could just be the best and purest version of your soul.

I have to say, after surveying everything that I left behind in LA--family, friends, work, the ocean, the comfort of my bed--I have to say that my yoga practice from last year was and is and continues to be the hardest thing to live without.  The yoga up here is, well, not the same.  In theory all yoga is good yoga.  But I think that there is a scale of goodness.  And if yoga here is good, then yoga back home is extravagantly stupendous.  

So, those who are selfless find God.  I think those who practice yoga, over time, once they cast aside their egos and get comfortable with their practice and aren't in it for anything else but to cleanse their souls, will be selfless.  So, those who practice yoga find God.  


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  1. I don't have many words to describe this post... Amazing? It really spoke to me, and it's so... full of self realization.
    Loved it. Thank you:)


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