28 April 2010

Slow Down Sweet, Succulent Summer.

I've been thinking lately that maybe I'm not ready for summer to be upon me.  There are two possible issues that always plague my summer: they are either long anticipated and not that fun, or too fun and go by too fast.  This summer is the first summer that I will be 21, so that opens up a new realm of possibilities for me.  It will also, I fear, make my summer go by vacuum-fast.

This is the first summer that I will truly be coming back home.  Over winter break I worked and hung out with my friends, and was overwhelmed by it all.  There were so many places and people to see, and it went by fast trying to squeeze these venues into every second.  I don't want the summer to turn out that way.  I want to just come home, work, and relax with a nice bottle of wine (that I purchase with my own ID) in the sand.  I think that I will try to just take it easy this summer.  Oh--even better idea, for every person I see this summer I will spend one hour practicing yoga or meditating at the beach.  This will be my balance.

Does anyone else have this problem with summer?  I'm afraid that it will come and go so fast, and I want it to last.  I want to have the best summer known to mankind.  This is to be my goal.

On to another note, my Yogi Green Tea fortune of the day was "May your inner self always be secure and happy."  What a great message to contemplate the entire day.  I have the most magical travel coffee mug ever from lululemon, and I was able to enjoy my hot tea all through my 3 1/2 hour class and all the way home.  I seriously made a cup of tea at 3:30, and when I got home at 7:30, my tea was still steaming.  I am not bullshitting you, I do not know how this tea mug does it.  Anyway, back to the message my tea offered me.  I love how relevant that fortune was with yesterday's of being selfless and finding God.  I think of my inner self as my soul, and the image of my soul always being secure and happy...well, it just made me feel warm inside.  Maybe it was just the tea, but it made me feel safe.  What a truly charming blessing to bestow upon someone.

So, fellow Bleaders, may your inner selves always be secure and happy.
Namaste, y'all.


  1. Look at you... So glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! :) You just get more beautiful inside and out Cassie!


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