16 June 2010

Bonding Time.

My mom has been laid up from back surgery last week, which means I am in charge of all her endless responsibilities.  These tasks range anywhere from scooping the cat box to giving the cat with the collapsed lung his daily dose of kitty cold medicine, to (unfortunately for my family, including myself) making dinner plans.  The biggest responsibility, however, is taking care of my mother's poodle Layla. Layla and I have always got along, she's a sweet dog and she sort of listens to me when she feels like it, but my mom is quite obviously the center of Layla's universe.  Layla drops everything when my mom is around and follows her at the heel.

So, it's been accepted between Layla and I in the 4 years we've known each other that my mom is number one in her life, and that she will always listen to my mom first and foremost.  Since my mom has been laid up and in a ton of pain, I've assumed the responsibility of entertaining the dog.  Walks got kind of boring, so we've been hitting up the dog beach at Trump golf course (the only beach where dogs are allowed in LA).  It is, quite obviously, Layla's favorite new hang out spot, and mine as well.  A friend of mine has two dogs about Layla's age, and we sometimes take our dogs on a beach playdate, but today I decided to have some quality poodle time with just the two of us.  I brought a tennis ball and Layla and I played tag up and down the beach for about an hour, exhausting ourselves and crashing in the sand to rest before heading home.  I've been taking care of my mom's Layla Duties for about a week and a half now, but today was the first day I actually felt the shift in her attitude towards me.  I noticed today she's been following me around more than my mom and actually noticing when I leave the room.  Tonight I went and picked up Chinese food, and decided to take Layla with me.  She was so excited to tag along and go for a ride.  I don't know why it's taken me 4 years to bond with my mother's poodle, but I'm happy it finally happened, finally getting to experience the bond between a dog and a human.

On the topic of dogs, I started reading the book The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein last night.  What a truly touching book.  Anyone out there who has a dog or is a dog lover should pick up a copy.  It will move you from the first page.

One last thing before I retire to my book for the night: the Chinese fortune cookie tonight read, "Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power."  This spoke to me personally because my head has been clogged with a bunch of negative thoughts lately.  Isn't it funny how even giving a negative image a second thought creates a snowball of other downer thoughts?  So here's to pushing past those thoughts, getting them out of my brain and out of my life.


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