22 June 2010

Dad's Day.

I know there's a lot of opinions out in the world about dads.  Some may hate their dads, some may feel indifferent about them, and some may feel that their dad is the best dad in the entire universe.  I am a firm believer in that last statement, and I will happily argue to the death anyone who thinks their dad is better than mine.

In honor of Father's Day, someone (probably my mother) thought it would be a great! idea for me to cook dinner for the entire family.  Now, on Mother's Day I wasn't home to celebrate it with my own mother because I was in Chico, but my friend Zach let me share his mom with him for the day and we cooked her this delicious baked fish.  I decided that it would only be fair if I cooked the same scrumptuous treat for my own family on Dad's Day.  I woke up yesterday a nervous wreck, realizing that this was my first (and only) chance to show off the (numerous) culinary skills I had gained since being away from home.  For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to invite my two uncles over for the occasion too, so it was four people, not just two, I had to prove myself to.

After 3 trips to the grocery store I had all the ingredients laid out before me.  I chopped and juiced and mixed and opened and blended and folded and washed and poured in prep.  I preheated and oiled and tossed and sprayed and flipped.  Finally, my dad was back from his 2 hour massage and my uncles were there pouring the wine and my mom was setting the table and we were all anticipating (or fearing) my culinary debut.  I prayed for the sake of Father's Day that God would guide me and make it taste okay.  I didn't want to scar my dad's taste buds, and have him forever remember me as the one who put the scar there.

Each individual fish filet was wrapped in foil, cooking in its own marinade of white wine, olive oil, black olives, garlic, basil, serano peppers, and cherry tomatoes.  As we each slowly unwrapped our fish filets, like little christmas presents, the delicious smell wafted to my nostrils.  I sat back before even gorging and just took in that smell.  I had created this smell.  I couldn't watch as my dad took his first bite, so I took a large gulp of wine and listened for auditory satisfaction.  "Mmmmm...," I heard from across the table.  Then the same sound was heard from my Uncle Brad sitting next to me, then my mom across from me, then Uncle Ronnie at the head of the table.  "Damn," my mom said.  I took my own first bite.  It was ... delicious; melt in your mouth fantastic.  Oh my God.  I paired the fish with grilled zucchini, onion, and bell pepper kabobs.  I cooked something, for everyone, and I cooked it...right?  I have hit another right of passage in this life of mine.

So, while it was strenuous and nerve wracking, I am sooo happy to have cooked for my dad, to honor him and make him proud.  After the stress of cooking melted away (and I had a few glasses of wine), it was an amazing Father's Day.  My dad deserved every second of that righteous meal.

I hope all you Bleaders had an amazing Father's Day!


  1. Awwww your so sweet...glad you could honour your Dad.

  2. Cassie,
    I'm so proud of you! I love that you honored your dad in such a special way! I grew up with two parents that loved to cook! My mom gave me my very first cooking book, and in it she wrote the following,

    Darling, Cooking is an expression of Love. It can also be an expression of ego - you've seen me display both. May you "excel" in your cooking for Love. Mom

    As you know, she is no longer with me, and has not been since I began my married life almost 30 years ago. I have never forgotten those words of wisdom though, and I leave them with you.

    May you "excel" in your Cooking for Love!

    Buon appetito,


  3. Aww, Tori that quote from your mom just went into my journal where I write all the things in my life that I never want to forget. Thank you so much for sharing, it is beautiful. You are in my prayers always.


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