28 June 2010

Making Time...for Time.

I finally have time for TIME! Yes, I have time to read what ever the hell I want.  What a revelation this is!  I decided to narrow down the ever elevating stack of books to be read to 2 books at time.  Last week I (finally) started Kathy Griffin's Official Book Club Selection. I am probably one of her biggest fans--I know everyone says that about a celebrity.  But truly, I have loved her for a long time, and respect her for making a living off of making fun of celebrities.  Despite her Hollywood's most hated bad girl reputation, her book is actually really heartfelt and inspiring.  She's jumped through many hoops to get on the D-List (and personally I think she's graduated to at least the B-List), and I really really truly am loving this book!

The second book I am (attempting) to get through is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.  I am so freshly into this book I don't have much to say about it.  It's a far cry from the books I'm used to, but many people have told me it is one of those books that will change your life.  So, I'm giving it a try.

This 2-books-at-a-time business is an interesting enterprise.  I love it, but it's very difficult at the same time because it requires much discipline.  Every time I walk past my bookshelf I am tempted to pull something down and start reading.  Every time I'm on my lunch break I'm tempted to hop across the parking lot into Borders and check out the latest.  But I'm being good.  I truly am devoted to finishing these two books (well, at least Kathy's book) before moving on to the next 2.


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