23 June 2010

New Kids on the Block.

I grew up in the house my parents and I (when I'm home from college) live in now, on a quiet little street in a safe neighborhood in Redondo Beach, CA.  I was really lucky when I moved in, because next door there were 2 kids around my age, across the street there were 4 kids my age, and 2 doors down there was also a kid my age.  I instantly became friends with them, and we used to literally do everything together.  The boys on my street taught me how to rollerblade and skateboard, the girl across the street from me taught me how to paint my nails and put on makeup, and all of us combined got in so much trouble and had so much fun.  We've all since moved away, either to college or to another street, and it breaks my heart sometimes.  I miss coming home from school at 3:30, grabbing a popsicle and my skateboard, and going outside to hang with the crew.  I miss getting stuck in my neighbor's tree attempting to make the ultimate treehouse, or going "raccoon hunting" at night trying to sneak into the creepy neighbors' yard that had a billion and a half wild animals.  Now when I see my old best friends, it's just like, "Oh hey, you're in town." Or "Happy Christmas/Mother's/Father's/Easter/Thanksgiving!"

There are these sweet little girls that have grown up next door to me, ages 7 and 11.  I've only ever babysat twice in my life, and these girls were them.  They are so cute, and have always kept to themselves in their front yard, with the coolest toys and sprinklers and trampolines.  Recently my neighbor's grandsons moved in on the other side of me, about the same age as the girls on the other next door to me (are you following this story?).  They've been playing outside a lot lately, since it's summertime.  They skateboard and ride their little bikes and play their music.  I see them, laughing and flirting and having the time of their lives, and then I see myself.  I see reflections of this old street, this old life.  It's been making me miss my childhood so much more lately.  I pulled up into my driveway today, that big college girl home for the summer, and they were all outside.  They all turned and said hi to me, then kept playing their game of hopscotch or tag or hide and seek.  For a split second I thought about asking if I could join them.  Then I realized I'm the old lady now, now I have to go to the bars for fun, I have to read a book for fun.  I have to hang out with kids my age for fun.  I want to tell them to hold onto this summer, and all the days and years to come as long as they can, to hold them tight and milk them for all their worth and go outside every second they possibly can and never stop.

So, that is my jealous bittersweet moment for the evening.  In the words of my Nana (God rest her sweet soul), "Getting old is hell."

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  1. Go buy a pair of rollerblades immediately and go join the gang...


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