07 July 2010

Cooking for Love.

My lovely friend Tori shared with me a message that her mother wrote in her very first cookbook.  "Darling, cooking is an expression of Love... May you 'excel' in your cooking for Love."  This is such a beautiful message, and has really touched me.  As you know, I cooked for my dad on Father's Day, and I wasn't half bad at it.  Tori's quote really inspired me to cook more, to show my love via delicious treats.  Last week my friend Jackie taught me how to make homemade herb roasted french fries (pictured below), which I made for my family, along with garlic sauteed mushrooms and steak.  They were perfect, if I (the cook) don't say so myself. 

I've been really obsessed lately with starting from scratch and learning, like really immersing myself, in how to cook.  I love laying out all my beautiful ingredients before me, seeing their natural beauty, and then chopping them up and turning them into something tasty.  I know for some of you reading this might sound like I've rediscovered the wheel or something, but I've never lent myself the opportunity to cook before (and yes, I do realize that if this cooking gourmet food discovery persists, I'm going to need to find a better adjective than "delicious" to describe it).

Tonight I am cooking spicy chicken breast tenders with a spicy cilantro lime dipping sauce for my family.  My friend Jackie (who taught me how to cook the homemade french fries--and, sidenote: she's one of the most amazing cooks ever), made this chicken for me years ago, and it was so delicious  delectable that I haven't been able to shake the taste from my taste buds since.  I shall update y'all on this culinary excursion.

For now, namaste.
(And thank you Tori for your loving inspiration!)

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