01 September 2010

A classroom lamentation.

The shoreline of my heart is a tide pool.
To love me you must love the seaweed of my hair, 
the rise and fall of my tides,
the pull that the moon has over me. 
You must love the starfish of my eyes,
the dorsal fin on my back,
my silky smooth, rubber-like skin, 
the rush of my energy.  
And if you accept me, and take me for who I
am, all I am and what I will always be--
a roaring ocean, a mermaid with feet, a dolphin on land--
then maybe, just maybe, I'll rush up and pull you under
and then we'll drown 

(I've been missing the ocean and it's salt a lot lately in this dry heat that fills my days and lungs.  I'll be back to posting about normal concrete emotions and feelings soon people, just give me time to grieve the loss of the coast.)


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