10 September 2010

Giving Gratitude.

I have been trying something new lately: living in the light and love of gratitude.  I have so much these days to be thankful for, so many blessings.  My mom is finally back to normal, her head is finally screwed back on right.  My head had no choice but to follow.  I came back to Chico, and although classes aren't the most stimulating, I have found the most amazing company lately.  My best friend, Zach, and I have been cooking up some great things--both food and ideas.  We'll soon be releasing our food blog, which I hope y'all will love.  I basically had an "A-ha!" moment last weekend, in the midst of one of mine and Zach's numerous wine tasting, food explorations and discovered that I want to be a food critic.  I love food so much, why not devote my life to it?  So, I'll post a link sooner or later to this food blog--it will be complete with recipes, reviews of our own food, detailed descriptions, and, of course, pictures of everything we create.

So, gratitude is a funny thing.  I found myself on my knees the other night, as I oft do, praying for things out of my control.  I climbed back into bed and thought about what I had just prayed for: for my mom to remain well and safe, for my dad to be stress-free, for me to be able to deal with my life.  Then I did something I've always been afraid to do.  I got back out of bed and onto the floor, lifted my arms up to the ceiling, feeling the weight of the universe, and thanked God for everything in my life.  I counted my blessings without fear of them being taken away.  I thanked Him for everything, and the feeling was sensational.  Life all of a sudden felt manageable, doable, live-able.  Life felt incredibly light and happy, I felt incredibly light and happy.  What an amazing place full of grace this world can be, when we are thankful for what we have.

So here's my challenge, Bleaders, if you still exist and read these things that I have[n't] been posting.  Give gratitude for all you have, not things you don't have.  It will come back to you, and give you light you never knew you possessed.

Namaste, Lovelies.


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