07 April 2011

Who will save [my] soul?

After that last post, things are looking up, Bleaders.
A fellow mysterious Bleader, spage8, offered me some amazing advice:
Find the girl holding the sign that read "I will become certified in Yoga on an ashram in India by December 2011". I think that she may be able to help you. She was on the right path to soul awakening.....
And so for the past week and a half I have been digging deep within trying to find her, that girl inside myself that was once so focused and awakened.
I began this journey within by going to the gym. I hadn't been to the gym in a long, long time. Focusing on a problem and running as hard and as fast as I could until that problem disappeared was a great feeling. I went to the gym 3 times last week, and taught a yoga class for some friends.  Already I feel stronger and lighter, even if I don't appear that way yet.
So, as it turns out, no one else can save my soul, I must do it myself.

I'm excited to see myself healthy again.
Namaste, Bleaders.
(And special thanks to spage8!)

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