09 July 2012

"Breasts on Acid."

I've decided to ease slowly into this hot jacuzzi way of eating called vegan. Emphasis on slowly. My overall reasoning for wanting to eat vegan isn't that I feel bad for the chickens and fish and cows that sacrifice their lives to make it to my plate--let's make that clear now. I have no political agenda to shove down anyone's throat--just a bunch of fruits and vegetables to shove down mine. I'm honestly doing it because I'm really tired of poor digestive health and feeling so shitty on the inside and looking so shitty on the outside. I feel that by eating only fruits and veggies and a few select grains I will be able to redesign my body from the inside out.
I woke up this morning feeling fresh and ready and was willing to give up sausage (I traded it in for soy chorizo--so worth it), but I wasn't quite ready to give up eggs (well, more accurately, I wanted soy chorizo, but not on its own, I had eggs in my fridge, I poached them...I didn't hurt anyone). 
Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo is really, really good. I've tried a few other brands--Cacique makes a decent version, Gimme Lean makes a reasonable sausage alternative, but Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo is pretty much the best I've tried.  I was in the mood for something that tasted unhealthy but I knew was actually healthy deep down, and this meal--"Breasts on Acid" as my mother decided to call it--really did the trick. I poached two eggs and plopped them on top of a serving of scrambled soyrizo, sprinkled it with pepper, sea salt, and paprika, and washed it all down with a cup of coffee and some Kombucha (my guiltiest pleasure--a post for later). I'd like to try scrambling the soyrizo with some vegetables next time, but I am uncertain which vegetables would taste decent, and what kind of vegetables I can pull myself to eat in the morning (suggestions would be welcome). 

Anyway, I'm not quite meat-free yet, but I feel decent and I'm living reasonably healthy. Exercise, along with snacking, is still Public Enemy No. 1. A friend of mine recommended an app called C25K, Couch to 5k. She says it's helped her get motivated, and all the reviews in the app store give it 5 stars as the most helpful fitness tool. The app basically eases you into running workouts, increasing distance and time spent running each day. Plus, it includes walking, and doesn't discourage you to walk if you feel the need--something that almost always discourages me from running in the first place. The only progress I've really made towards running a 5k, however, is downloading this app. I have yet to put it into action yet, mostly because I'm still in that awkward funk I've been in for about 2 years now where I'm a lazy sack of terd. I want to so bad, I know once I force myself off my ass and into my shoes I will feel so much better...listen to me, I sound like an overweight 11 year-old. I must stop making excuses. My mom even bought me a new pair of New Balance running shoes to get my ass kickstarted--have I used them in any way besides walking around the NB store? 

The journey begins now, or maybe it already began. Maybe it's always been a journey and this isn't a new journey but just a new path in an old journey. Maybe this is the first attempt of many. I'm starting to feel better, I think. Maybe it's just a placebo effect. Whatever it is, I hope it expands and lingers and spreads sunshine and lean muscles into the lumpiest parts of my cellulite. 

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