24 January 2013

A Humble Yogi.

My healthy journey from the inside out continues.

Why, God, WHY? This was so delicious, I spread half
on my banana and the other half in my mouth (that's why
I only allowed myself to buy the tester size).
Yesterday I walked three miles with my mom and did a yoga/bun and thigh sculpting pilates class in my living room. Today I went to yoga--like, a real yoga class!--with an old friend. It felt incredible, and I feel incredible. Starting my day off with a bowl of overnight oats topped with fruit, supplementing my day with water and cups (3+) of tea and healthy snacks like bell pepper strips and eggplant hummus, and stretching each night before bed is so amazing, why have I been depriving myself of true bliss for so long? I must constantly remind myself baby steps. Baby steps. Baby Steps!

Being so completely inflexible, so completely lost in a yoga class where I can't cling to my toned muscles and balance anymore, is an incredibly humbling process. But I think it's important. In fact, getting my ass kicked by things that I used to do without thinking twice about has forever changed my perspective on my former self--a former life, really--and makes me long to be that old Cassandra. Of course, this time around I will do things much differently from a more sound mind.

I've been really inspired lately by a friend who started Crossfit a few months ago. She looks incredible, I mean, drop dead gorgeous, and it's from working her ass off and pushing herself. I'd really like to try Crossfit, but I'm honestly terrified. So that's on my to-do list.

An organized tea collection is a
happy tea collection.
One amazing thing I crossed off my to-do list yesterday was organizing the tea in my pantry! Such a simple and silly task that doesn't even seem worth mentioning here, but the outcome was so lovely. It's amazing, now that I've been organizing my things and kept them organized--everything has a place. It feels so right. I can't believe I've been depriving my life of order for so long as well. I drink so much tea daily, it feels great reaching for a bag and seeing my options before me (that Ruby Red Chai from Trader Joe's is INCREDIBLE--with a little raw honey and a splash of vanilla almond milk).

And the job hunt continues for me, but I'm feeling inspired. I can't promise I'll feel the same in two weeks if I still haven't heard anything, but for now I feel great. I can write a mean cover letter, and I really am excited for a majority of the jobs I've applied for (mostly editing, writing, and web content creation--my greatest strengths!). I've also been listening to far too much Taylor Swift, hoping to get tired of her and forget all about her in a month or two. I just can't seem to get over her catchy tunes...it's very annoying.

Well, off to send out a round of my short story for publication. May you find inspiration and be humbled by simple tasks! It's so important.


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