25 October 2015

Point Lobos

25 October: Point Lobos Ecological Reserve

"Please say, honestly, you won't give up on me. And I shall believe." -Sheryl Crow

I rounded the bend and this was my view: jagged rock and weather and birds. From far away the birds looked like the vertebrae of the formation, and in a way, you could argue they were. Below, in the cove, there was a baby otter and its mama and they were eating urchin. I saw the cracking rock through someone's telescope and their arms entangled together just like every nature doc I'd ever seen.

In an hour, we would eat lasagne and pulled smoked pork and someone's homemade goat cheese and Safeway peach pie and watch the almost-full moon rise through the trees. And even though the anxiety of school and life decisions and the flight home tomorrow and bloat from yesterday's burritos and guilt for drinking too much Friday would be there, a constant like the ocean slapping the rocks, I smiled and believed it.

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