14 November 2015

Some Thoughts on World Peace

I've been wrestling with a lot of emotions over the last 7 hours since I found out about what happened in Paris.

My first reaction when I heard what was going on was to contact my Frenchie bestie Eve and make sure she and her mom were home and safe and that their friends were, too. They were.

But then an immense sense of guilt and selfishness set in. I care about all human life, about humanity, and about peace instead of hate prevailing within our shared collective human consciousness. 

This could have happened anywhere. It still can happen anywhere. I think today we all realized this. It's not going to 9/11s on a grand scale anymore, but rather a connected buildup of smaller (although tonight was not small by any means) events. It is heightening our fear and confusion (and sadness and loss of faith) in the world.

My heart is hurting. I haven't stopped crying. I worry about where we are headed. I want to contribute something positive, but I come up empty.

I thought about all this tonight as I climbed a seemingly never-ending staircase in Palos Verdes. I even paused to take a selfie and watch the sun set. My problems are so insignificant. What's going to happen? How am I supposed to feel, halfway around the globe but seeing my face in every innocent victim on the news? I don't have answers. Just questions.

#prayers4paris #peacefortheworld

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