"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

Hi, I'm Cassandra Lotus. Let's eat.

This blog started in 2009 as a blog called "Live Righteouslyyy" (yes, with all those annoying trailing y's). It served as a public diary for a homesick college girl learning about herself and the world through boys, altered states of consciousness, and nature. I've evolved a lot over the years, but decided to keep the same domain. Some days I want to delete the old posts from the archive because they are embarrassing and so far removed from my reality now. But I keep them as a sort of published evolution of myself. Please, don't waste your time reading my old posts.

Today, I teach high school English, but most days I dream about owning a ranch somewhere far off the grid and homesteading. Is this duality bad? Do you want to try my homemade ghee and home-cultured kombucha? 

Wholly Lotus has grown to become a record of my life and mind. I share some recipes, some ideas, some questions, some original poetry and fiction, and some brilliant work from those much smarter than me. 

My hope is that you read something here and remix it into your own life. Maybe you'll make a #carnitassunday of your own (and yes, I do strive make carnitas nearly every Sunday here at Wholly Lotus). Maybe you'll quit your job and pursue what makes you truly happy. Maybe you'll leave a comment telling me what an idiot I am and inspire an entirely new revolution in my life. 

Most of all, I hope to spark your curiosity. 


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